2017 Reunion, June 7th-10th - The Maxwell Hotel, Seatle, Washington

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The last VMSB-333 Reunion was help in September 2013, at the award winning Microtel Inn and Suites of Indianapolis Indiana (located on Rockville Road). 

Once again Mr. Frank Hughes organized an absolutely wonderful schedule of events for the VMSB-333 reunion. The Squadron core members Frank, Tom, Nick, Bob were present. Several children whose fathers were squadron members were also present. The wives of several squadron members whose husbands have reported aboard MCAS Pearly Gates were also in

core group

attendance as they have been for many years. Several members of the VMFA group joined up for a visit as well.

Jokes were told, beer was passed along with a shot or two of Nicks Jack Daniels. Old acquaintances were renewed and new friends bonded. The card games were hot with the ladies and I don't know how Jim got involved but he was cleaned up and cleaned out more than once by the women card sharks.

Lunch at the City Bar-B-Que was surprisingly most excellent. Somebody at that place just flat knows how to cook a beef brisket. Lunch at Mc Alister's Deli the next day was terrific in its own right. But, Roger kept threatening to sneak across the parking lot and visit City Bar-B-Que again. Just to make sure the tanks were topped off and all. That was just some plum good smoked brisket....

Evening dinners were a time for good food and even better fellowship with friends that most of us had not seen since the last years VMSB reunion. The Lone Star food was absolutely wonderful with even better service. The Kazablanka Grille and Bar next door to our hotel was at its finest as usual.

During the last business meeting it was decided that this in fact was the last VMSB-333 reunion. However, the folks had already (the women that is) that they had too much fun getting together so a new plan was put in place. Next year in the September time frame once again. There will be the first Family Reunion. Won't be as formal, won't be as scheduled. Will be as friendly and will be as much fun as past VMSB-333 Reunions.

The formal dinner was beautiful and the food most excellent again. Engraved wine glasses commemorating the last reunion were filled and the ladies passed the glasses out to the core members and the other men in attendance before taking their own. A toast was made, glasses were lifted high, some tears were shed and the last VMSB-333 Reunion was officially over.

The original squadron members were all asked at some point during the reunion to write their stories even auto-biographies. To be published here on this site and saved for posterity. I hope they do.

We look forward to seeing everyone in a year. Ya'll come for a visit. You won't regret it.


Our Most Recent

2015 Held in Charleston, South Carolina. Back in our old stomping grounds, With visits to MCRD Paris Island and of course our old home MCAS Beaufort.

Charleston, South Carolina

photo Courtesy Tom Merkle

A Grand Time Had by All

Put a bunch of "Shamie" Marines together. Throw in some beer and cocktails. What do you get? PARTEE!!!! WooHoo! Our entertainer was outstanding and also a Marine!


photo Courtesy Tom Merkle

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